Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks, big brother...

Mallory is snoozing on the floor on her play mat.
Charlie (crawling right up to her) : "Heyyy, baaaaaby".
Me: "Oh, Charlie, please don't wake her up, she's sleeping!"
Charlie (totally ignoring me and scooting closer) : "Heyyyy, my little baaaaaby".
Me: "Charlie! I said leave her alone! Please!"
Mallory: "Waaashahaaaaaaanfdvfhwuoebvwbwoe!!!????"
Me: "Great. Awesome, thanks Chuck!"
Charlie (shrugging his shoulders and grinning) : "What, Mommy? She not sleeping, Mallory's waking!"


Julie said...

Still too cute to get mad at! (;

April & Doug said...

So I see I'm not alone - - good to know!