Thursday, April 9, 2009

Alright, Already.

This is why I could never be one of those awesome bloggers who make the big bucks with advertising. Well, one reason...I have no discipline! I have plenty to blog, but not the mojo to do it. I can still stare blankly at Facebook for hours, and update my status every 20 minutes. Ah, well. I'm here now, kiddies. It's all gonna be okay.
I know the main thing your itching to see are Twilight party pictures. What a night.
Apryl worked her tush off on the decor. And other than red candle wax bleeding down my mantle onto the pillows, it was beautiful! (It looks like someone was murdered in my living room!Haha.) We had bloody butter popcorn, Bella's mushroom ravioli, Bloody Marys, punch, and vampire bitten cupcakes, courtesy of my sister, the cupcake queen.
Th stress was on just before people started arriving, so I WILL admit to hitting that red punch (not kool-aid) right at 7. Soooo, by the time the movie started, some of us ended up a little too giggly for the show and partied on the porch. WITH the soundtrack playing, so we weren't too out of the loop. It was an awesomely fun night.
Yes, Twilight shirts WERE passed around my the girls, in the most appropriate manner!

THAT....was fun.

Two days later, we partied on for Charlie's THIRD birthday. He has requested a Ghostbusters party for months now. You can't really find that stuff these days, so the decor and shirts were handmade with love by Adam and I. We tried to use a lot of green, a la Slimer. It was a hit. We even made a "Slime the Ghostbusters" game. It was chilly (that makes TWO years in row) but the kids were able to play in the yard, kind of a kiddie afterparty. :)

What else? There's plenty going on, but I think I may have already reached my quota for the year o the "Life-is-hard-I-am-overwhelmed-what-the-hell-am-I-doing-here???" posts. It helps tremendously though, when I do have to post those, and read the amazing responses. We really aren't alone. It's amazing. Thank you for that.

How about a few more pics? Amber took some great ones of the kids one day while I was working...Gotta love that girl, she can do it all.

The kids are doing well. Mallory is turning into a bit of a mama's girl, which is sweet, until I want to put her down for any reason. Her first tooth finally came through on the bottom, so I'm sure that is part of it. She is still a great sleeper, so I am not complaining. Charlie is still crazy, still stubborn, and still awesome, as he will tell you upon meeting him.

Speaking of kids...looks like there is a puddle of ice cream with my name on it.
More soon!


Kerry and Tom said...

your the best mom!!!!!!!! that twilight party looked awesome!!!!!!!

miss you :(

Soon to be Kelly Wall said...

Told you I check! Love ya girlie!!

leslie and adam said...

Happy third birthday Charlie!!! WOW!

Tell your Mama that you should come to Iowa for B's 2nd b-day next month. No slime but there will be cake :)

Love you - miss you!

amber carden said...

I do get props what what!