Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Our "Getting There" Photos

Here we go!
See the last post for Before pics.

My pretty office. Figure if I have to work, this color will keep me happy!

Um, that would be a no-no!

Charlie's room! Yes, he is playing Waldo in all these pictures. And somehow, his outfit matches his room? No, I did not plan this. There is also a cute red dresser in here.

Our room! Finally our bed doesn't take over all our space!

The living room...New paint and carpet. Yay! Can you find CF?

From the other side. I love this color!

Kitchen isn't done, but this is the big wall.

Not going anywhere for awhile??

THIS ROOM. Grrr....It will be awesome though. That's the color for the whole room. That's as much as I have done in 2 weeks. Notice Charlie going "up, up, up!" Yikes!

Hopefully soon we will be completely settled in!


Anonymous said...

Hi from Finland! I like your colours. I was really cuorious how it would become.You have so many interesting things to read of. We are about to adopt from Ethiopia and I love "homestyling" and I love photos (the ones that capture the beaty of the moment). Gratulations for your son. He seems to be all one can dream of!!

gr8dc2b said...

Did I say how jealous I am? And more so by the minute....you have a beautiful house....amazing!

Laura said...

You always make me laugh.

Jen and Dan said...

What a beatiful house you have Heather! I love the orange.. it is the same color we have in our study! I hope you guys get settled in quickly and can enjoy your new digs!

(Oh and loved the pic of Charlie reaching for the camera.. eeek! LOL)

Diane said...

The house looks great. Big room painted pretty colors, big yard and a pool! What more can you ask for? Also the pics of Charlie are priceless.

Moxie said...

Looks like you have been busy. Next time we are back in town we will not be able to recognize it. Brings back memories but I am glad that you will be able to raise your family in it. So, any plans for more????

Moxie said...

More what??? Kids I mean. :)

Handlyrics said...

LOve the pics.

You are coming along nicely!

Catherine and Dustin said...

Wow! It has changed so much already!

I love the colors! However did you pick them? hehehe

Can't wait to see it in person!

Laura said...

... and another thing. If I had been painting with Max in the house my blue walls would have red handprints all over it!

Anonymous said...

Heather, All of the pictures are lovely..and your house is awesome! By the way, what a very pretty bride you were :) ..Jen