Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Wow it has been a busy few days! We had a GREAT Thanksgiving! Charlie had a blast with both of our families. He totally loved his first Turkey day plate at Granny Martin's house. The food was amazing as usual. At my aunt Janice's Charlie got to play with his SIX cousins! My cousin Jill and her hubby Garrett were up from Alabama, and it really made the day special. We don't get to see them often enough. They are inspiring as parents, and as a couple. Not to mention they are just awesome people. Did I mention that Garrett does tattoos? Hehe....I have wanted this tattoo since Jill got hers...Red stars for the gals in the family, blue for the boys. It turned out great, and I love it! Thanks Garrett, for the tat, and thanks Jill and Marlena, for holding my hands! OW! We also had Margaritas. Hmmm...tattoos and cocktails. Happy Thanksgiving!! ;)

We finally got the den/dining room painted! My wonderful MIL, Alice, worked her boodie off getting it done. I love the color. They are coming to put in the new floor this week! We're getting so close. Also thanks to Alice and her Wallpaper 101 class, we finished the kitchen! It's so bright and cheery and I love it too. Man, I just love every darn thing these days. :) One not so happy thought. I almost friggin electrocuted myself putting up wallpaper. Yes, I did. I was being SO bright and poking a pair of scissors through the paper to trace a line around the outlet. Guess I poked too hard and BOOM! Blew the fuse, the spark was HUGE and scared the crap outta me, and the house went dark. Thank you again, Alice, for buying plastic handled scissors. EEK!!!

Gotta get that tree decorated! Think Charlie might have a few no-no's? Hmmm....

Oh, Charlie. It's impossible to describe the hilarity and love that is our son.
Some new cute-isms for ya:
*The other day, Charlie was kneeling into a mirror and fake crying. The face he was making was a riot, and the little moan was pretty funny too. He looked at us and said "Charlie crying!" It's almost like he wanted to see what he looks like when he cries!

*He now has 2 happenin' dance moves. Also, he can shake his boodie. So funny. He gets really mad in the car if we turn the radio down. Kid likes to rock!

*The favorite food of the week is far and away...the BUGITO. (burrito).

*His favorite movies are the Fish movie, the Car movie, and the cookooloo movie, and....Ratattouille. Yep, that's the only one he calls by name.

Okay....it's getting late and I am getting tired. But I wanted to share one more happy thing with you! My fellow photog and friend, Catherine, took our first family photos today. It was very special to me. She did an amazing job, and I will always treasure the beautiful pictures. (Catherine and her family are at the very beginning of thier journey to their Ethiopian daughter. Go on over and give some love!) Looking at the photos, it is hard to imagine the ache of waiting for him to be here. We are so lucky and amazed every day.
I am going to post a bunch of them because I love them all!


Catherine and Dustin said...

I am really happy that you like your photos! I can't wait for ours!

Chatter said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo's!! They are so cute :)

Glad to hear everything is going so well.


gr8dc2b said...

You are really amazing. Love the photos and reading your blog, especially since you are so busy now we don't get to talk nearly as much. When I finally get my new house....you will have to come and paint/decorate. You are just too cool for school.
love and miss ya,

Diane said...

The pictures are beautiful. It's amazing how quickly you three have become a happy, well-adjusted family. I hope the process is as seemless for us.

Diane said...

The pictures are beautiful. It's amazing how quickly you three have become a happy, well-adjusted family. I hope the process is as seemless for us.

jayme said...

your family photos are gorgeous!

and I have three stars on my right foot too!

Laura said...

I love the stars (and your cute shoe). If I got a tattoo I'd SEE stars! Me no like pain!!

Kellie said...

I love them all! Really beautiful pictures and your little guy has an amazing smile. My favorites are the two with him alone with each parent, and the one with you guys swinging him between you. He obviously loves and trusts you both a lot, and it is beautiful to see :)

Maria said...

I'ts such a joy to read your blog. As my family is in a adoptionprocess here in Finland for a child from Ethiopia, your pictures and your blog are wonderful to look at. Your friend really captured the happiness in your family! In my opinion you are really talented estheticly also!!

Kerry and Tom said...

Heather and Adam and Charlie too
we miss you guys so much. He is so cute. I cannot wait until we get to see each other again. Your pictures are so beautiful. Lucky for you that you live so far away or i would be abusing your talent.
I miss hanging out with you in ET

Handlyrics said...

GREATTTTTTTTTT Pics (GOOD job Catherine)

Love the tatoo :)


Katie said...

Your photos are amazing!! (I found your blog off CHSFS...)