Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lazy weekend

Thank you so much to everyone who posted on my last entry. I know it was terribly depressing, but I know there are a lot of familes who are suffering with us right now. I have since become convinced that I will be able to keep my promises. What choice do I have, after all?
This weekend has been great! Friday night Charlie had some Patty Poo time, and Adam and I went out with our buds Dustin and Catherine. We ate THE BEST meal at Olive Garden (hey, it's fancy for us these days) and saw Cloverfield, which I really liked. It was awesomely fun and silly and sometimes scary. Saturday we bummed around, played with Prince Charles, and went grocery shopping. I spent about 2 hours making a meticulously planned list for the store. Being pregnant, I feel I have to make sure to purchase anything that I (ahem, the BABY) might crave at any given moment. SO we have 3 jumbo boxes of popsicles and 12 cans of Campbells soup and a $5 box of cookies. OH, and watermelon. Mmmmmm....Adam was not too happy with the final total. He IS better at being thrifty than I am, but if he plans our meals all week, we have corndogs and mac and cheese at least twice.
Saturday night was our first attempt at getting Charlie to go to bed on his own. I still rocked him, I don't want to lose that time together. But after awhile, I laid him in his crib and told him nite nite and left the room. He did good for about the first 10 minutes, then he cried. Well, yeah...he cried a lot. I felt awful. I went in and out of the room to comfort him, but each time I went in it got worse. BUT he didn't try to get up, he stayed tucked in. After only about 20 minutes, he was asleep. And peaceful sleep, not I-just-cried-myself-to-sleep-sleep. Tonight he did even better with about 5 minutes of calling for me (I answered from out in the hall) and then....sleep! Yaaaay! Now the tricky part is keeping him from wanting to get in our bed at 4 am. OF COURSE I love to snuggle with my son, but we really need this. I need sleeeeeeep.
Today for SOME reason, I had the cooking bug and I spent all day making chili. I have been on a quest for the perfect chili recipe, especially since Christmas when my Auntie Ann brought some chili that could have been the last thing I ever ate. I searched for a recipe close to hers, and I really am proud of it. I also made 2 pans of Paula Deen's corny cornbread and a pan of brownies. Watching your cholesterol? Don't come to dinner at my house! Yikes. It was all really good though and tomorrow we are having veggies, I promise.
I seem to have misplaced my left arm, no wait, I mean my MEMORY CARD READER. I am going crazy. I can't upload pictures! I think maybe Charlie hid it from me as payback? The kid IS smart.
So, hopefully, new pictures soon to come!
OH, I forgot. The doc visit! No "parts" yet, they said we will find out at 20 weeks. Soon enough! I told Charlie that there is a baby in my tummmy. He pats it and makes the SWEETEST little face you have ever seen. And he tells people, "baby in 'ere". It is so cute. Oh, and the other morning, I was umm....sick (yes, STILL) and he came in the bathroom behind me and reaches out..."tissue". he brought me a tissue! And then he patted my back until I was all better. I swear I am living with an angel....well, sometimes. ;)


The Krumwiede Six said...

What a precious little man you are raising there...too precious for words...

Kelly said...

I love your blogs...even the "depressing ones". I feel like I can here you talking sometimes. Love you, see you this week sometime.

cathy said...

Hmmmm--I like the nickname "Prince Charles." I might never go back to calling him Charlie. HUGS to you and Prince C for battling out nightime routines. You're doing so well, and he is AMAZING!

Virginia said...

Aww, his cute little efforts make me all teary. And you are so impressive with the night-time switch! Great job Momma!


jilly said...

Oh, my gosh, Mom brought me some of Mama Ann's chili when they came Christmas day. I ate half and saved half. Then, I discovered Garrett eating my chili in the middle of the night! Boy, was I mad....I wish I had some of your corny corn bread and chili right now. I am so hungry.
Just keep up with your great routine with Charlie...he'll get use to it. It will be good for you, too, to get more sleep. Hey, I know about lack of sleep! How's your puppy? Awful cute, I meant to tell you before. hugs and kisses, I love you tons,

Jess Addison said...

You're gonna have that boy in his crib and potty trained before baby number two is here! Kudos x 10 from me!!