Sunday, January 6, 2008

My baby's got the sweet tooth...

Well, okay. It was actually MY idea. These cravings are waaaaay more real than I thought they would be. Here is our sweet boy doing all the stirring:

So much fun!!

Here's a funny Charlie story, too:
Well, confession time first. For a couple of weeks, I have been falling into bed early and too tired to rock Charlie and put him to bed. Soooo, we have been happily cuddling in Mommy and Daddy's bed. After a few rough nights of "sideways Charlie" kicks, I knew we had to get back into our routine. So I was rocking him in his room, and he was just not happy about it, poor thing. He was crying, "Daaaaaddyyyy beeeeed!" and I was comforting him and feeling awful for letting him get all messed up. After about 5 minutes of crying, he lies down on my arm, looks up at me and says, totally calmly, "All done cryin'". And I chuckled and said, "Well...thank you."
Then he poked out his perfect lips and gave me a kiss AND said "I luffa you!"
What a sweetie!
I swear, from then on, each time he has cried, after a couple minutes, he just gives it up and says, "All done". I am starting to wonder if ALL his tantrums are for show! Hmmmm....those sneaky toddlers!
I am going to do the obligitory belly pic soon...I can't tell if I am showing or just eating too much (ahem) CAKE. Ughh.
And to show how much our lifestyle has changed in the last 4 months, Adam and I are about to FINALLY watch a DVD we have had from Netflix since BEFORE we went to Ethiopia. Ha. Its actually the last disc of the series, Carnivale. I don't even know if I remember what the heck is going on. I miss my TV! But thanks to the strike, I am not missing much now. Not to worry, Laura...I read that Lost is written already for most of the season! Bring back our junk! We neeeeeed it!
It's so nice to finally be settling into this new year without a million things to do. We have spent some great time with our friends and family and it has been so nice. We even have our next girls' night out this week. Rockin!!!
Love to you and yours!


Jess Addison said...

I love cooking pics! Wish I could have sampled his work! Love you guys...

Catherine and Dustin said...

I am sure there will be lots more cooking photos as the cravings continue!!!

I can't wait to see you all huge and pregnant!! I can't even imagine it really...weird!

Kari said...

I want to see belly pics soon too! I can't imagine seeing you preggers, but I know it will be cute.

Love the Charlie story by the way. He so darn cute and smart! I better keep my girls away from him for awhile. :)

We miss you guys!

Handlyrics said...

Charlie is very smart!>. Take care

Anonymous said...

Great pics and Charlie stories. They sound so (ahem) familiar... toddlers indeed!

... and thanks for the personal disclaimer re: LOST. I mean, I have my LOST countdown clock going and when it hits zero ... well, you know what happens when that timeclock hits zero. Let's just say if I don't get LOST as scheduled my temper will be what explodes.

Laura :)

cathy said...

What does his shirt say? I'm so curious. Love the photos...and please post a pic of your belly. Why bother growing huge if you can't flaunt it???? I think Charlie must be awfulllllyyy smart to be able to finish a tantrum when he wants!