Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Musical Monday!

Okay, yes, I am stealing this from my friend, Laura. She writes a Twili- I mean, family blog here.
So, all I am going to do on these Monday posts is (duh) share music. I am pretty obsessive, and have been known to play the same songs for weeks. Luckily, I have great taste. (Haha.)
I first heard this song over a year ago. It got some radio play, and was featured (like a ton of songs are) on one of the major shows. (Grey's, maybe?) So lots of you have probably BTDT, but I love it so much, that if even one person hears it for the first time and loves it, I will be most pleased.
I just noticed that it's technically Tuesday. Oh, well. Details!
What an amazing song.
Enjoy it. Learn the words. Belt it into your water bottle, hairbrush, ect.

Ahh...Apparently some folks don't like for random people to advertise for them!
Can't post the vid here, but...

One more.
When Adam and I "discovered" this song (and band, all the songs are amazing) we felt as if we had found our own little Holy Grail. We were, and still are, baffled that more people haven't heard of them. This song became our anthem for months, playing on repeat in the studio when we both worked there full time. We played it in the car, the house, and if we weren't playing it, we sang it. It really spoke to me, and when I feel bad, I listen to it, and somehow, the lyrics ring true, and it helps.


Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome song! Thanks.

Mrs. Baker said...

Loves it...thank you!