Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We still got it...

Okay, so yes, the social calendar is a little full these days, but I promise I AM still parenting my children 7 days a week. Adam got some Daddy time in on Saturday while I went out with the gals for our girl Hannah's bachelorette party. She is getting married (to another one of our guy friends, but of course) in two weeks. We had a BLAST. I haven't danced for that long in, um, a long time. In heels, no less. Of course, at the time, I didn't feel a thing.
What I DID feel though, was the burning in my cheeks after I strutted up to the front of the bar to tip the cute Irish singer for playing us a song and fell on my ass in front of him and the entire pub. At least no bones were broken, only dreams of grace and elegance.
After that, we hit Opera, one of the best clubs in Atlanta, and stood in line, only to be let in for free on the "pretty girl list". Aww, shucks. I bet they say that to all the girls! (Naaah.)
We love you, Hannah, and can't wait for the big day!
Now, I have a holiday party to plan! Is it January yet??

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