Tuesday, February 24, 2009


mal·con·tent (mlkn-tnt)
Dissatisfied with existing conditions.
1. A chronically dissatisfied person.
2. One who rebels against the established system

Yeah, I don't mean Mal, content. This girl has developed a 'tude. I hope it's just the teething and not a permanent change. She wants to be held all the time, screams and fights sleep, and really hasn't smiled a whole lot in the last couple of days. She still has her giggling fits, and that's adorable. But the adorable-ness is so hard to remember when she is having a fit. I'm sure that I am getting what I deserve, what with all the bragging over my perfect babe. The best remedy for a tantrum? Two things...Charlie Fekadu and electronics. Charlie cam make her dissolve into laughter just by acting crazy. And let her get ahold of your cell phone or laptop, and she's occupied indefinitely. Decide that it's getting a bit risky to keep letting drool seep into the cracks of said equipment, and you are doomed. When you take something away from her that she was enjoying, she cries like she has been pinched. Today for instance, I was letting her play with one of Charlie's old toys. It's one of those toys that you press a button and it lights up and spins around all psychedelic like. She loved the colors and motion, but as soon as I let the button go, she would wail. Solution? Packing tape, around the button to hold that bad boy down. Despite her bad mood, she is still my little chuck of love (well, if you call 20 pounds little...she is catching up to big brother).

Big brother...another firecracker these days. I have to tell him 12 times to STOP, COME HERE, SIT DOWN...and today, LOOK AT THE CAMERA, CHARLIE. THE CAMERA. RIGHT HEEEEERE! Yep, I finally have my Nikon D90. And today was my first attempt at a photo shoot with my little darlings. Amber was there to help me, as she always is these days (how did I do this alone?) but the kiddos were not feeling it. Mallory would not smile, but she was gazing very intently at the great outdoors. Charlie couldn't seem to figure out where I was or that I was taking photos. Or how to smile without looking insane. The dogs were rolling around all over the place. After about 10 minutes I threw in the towel. I did get some cute shots, but not the WOW ones I was after. I need something big for the mantle. Another day.

What's that? You wanna see the pictures? Well, some are decorating my blog since the makeover, as you can see. Here are some others:

Okay. I take it back, Mal.

As I was loading those photos, she woke up and I bolted upstairs to check on her, armed with 4 ounces of formula. I scooped her up and she instantly fell asleep curled up on my chest. I rocked her and fed her, and once she was good and asleep, I kissed her face, and breathed her in and marveled at how beautiful she is. This baby can do no wrong! What was I thinking, saying all those mean things about her?
Isn't it funny, how quickly you forget the irritation, the mean mommy voice, and the hiding in the bathroom? Let's love our babies!

I wonder how long that will last. Probably until the next screaming fit or temper tantrum. Parenting is so freaking hard. But we love it. And we do the best we can (usually). It's just really, really...fun.

On a totally different note, I made a recipe (healthy!) that was seriously the yummiest thing I have ever made. For my veg friends, just add artichokes and mushrooms instead of the chicken. Actually, add them anyway. Serve with Greek salad and YUMMO. Bam, even!

It's so easy, too. And delish. In fact, I am embarrassed, a little, to tell you this dish's nickname in my house, because then you would think I was gross. Let's just say it was to good to throw out, and what's that rule again?

M'kay, now that no one will ever eat dinner at my house again...I'm out!


rebekah said...

Now just hold on here one gosh darn minute! These are the pictures of your darlings that you got when they WEREN'T cooperating?

I think they rock.

Julie said...

Wow. The pictures are amazing! The blog looks beautiful and I am coming over for dinner!

Christina said...

Yeah, what rebekah said. :)

Love the new blog look! I'm itching for a change myself.

Nicole Anderson said...

If those are bad, then I can't wait for the good ones! I love the pics, great job, and gorgeous kids!

Anonymous said...

oops - my comment just went into the ether...

Just found you via Stephanie at Moe Better - how is it I've managed to be unaware of this blog for so long?!?

anyhoo, happy to have found you and I love the photos!!

J-Mac said...

Your babies are beautiful!

ErinM said...

Gosh, they're cute! I can see how just being around Charlie helps Mal feel happier, but she looks awfully adorable even when she's not happy. I can't believe how big Charlie has gotten!

Jess Addison said...

is that FLOOR chicken?? hehe...sorry. love the new pics though! i need to get some new ones of my pooks!

Theresa said...

You take the most amazing photos. Both of your kiddos are so darn adorable!

Sandra said...

Those are beautiful pics of two beautiful children!

Chatter said...

First of all, LOVE the makeover on the blog. It's fantastic. I hear you on the crazy, teething babes. I have 2 of them. Also, the black and white is adorable. Well they all are but I especially like that one. Why do you have to live so far way??

Chatter said...

One more thing, what hair care products do you use on CF's hair? Biruks is getting long and much harder to manage. Would you mind sending me an email.
Thanks, Chan

Catherine said...

I can't believe how big she is getting!