Saturday, February 7, 2009

Photo Tag!

Finally, a blog I don't have to put THAT much thought into. I'm so totally out of things to say! Well, okay, I'm not...I'm just saying them on Facebook. It's a disgrace, I know.
I've actually wanted to get this tag for a while. What a fun idea!
Here it is.
The 4th photo in the 4th folder of my pictures.

This is my handsome, handsome brother. It's one of the photos I took for his graduation announcement last summer. How cute is he? He looks just like my dad when he was younger. (Not that my dad is old AT ALL ;). This kid is a crazy talented musician, and just a blast to be around. We used to go to horror movies together when he was too young to get in, and I would insist I was his guardian.
Love ya lil bro.

I'm tagging my hometown gals this time:






rebekah said...

He is striking - you have a family of good looking people!

Mrs. Baker said...

He is handsome!

Catherine said...

I am scared to see what my photo will be! :)