Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Adam's Family

One of the best things about being married, in my opinion, is doubling your relatives. All families are different, they all have stories and memories, and becoming part of those is a really fun thing. This weekend Adam and I attended his cousin Brooke's wedding in Atlanta. I had never met Brooke, but Adam told me that they were close when they were little kids. I have been really excited for this event, mostly to celebrate Brooke and her now hubby, Devin, but also because I really love weddings and being around family. Okay, and also I was excited to wear heels again (I remembered late into the evening why I stopped.)
The wedding was fabulous. Brooke looked so beautiful, and I would venture to guess that she is the kind of girl who always looks that way, even without all the wedding preperation. The reception was in one of the ballrooms at the Biltmore downtown. Her dad and stepdad gave speeches that made everyone laugh and cry. The band played some great versions of R&B songs, including the one Adam and I danced to at our wedding, which was a sweet memory. We were seated with Adam's parents, and his aunts and uncles that we don't see very often. It was a blast. The food was great, and the open bar, well that didn't suck.
I WISH I had photos of the night, but of photographers don't really like it when people walk around lugging their own big Nikon like they know something. (Trust me, they don't!) I even forgot to take them when we were all dressed up before we left. I have one of us in the car. How cute is my Adam???

At the reception, plans were made to meet for lunch the following day. Everyone was excited to meet Charlie and Mal, and I was happy to oblige. Who doesn't like to show off thier babies? It was really cool to introduce them to more family.

My father-in-law (far right) with his brother and sisters...

Can you guess who everyone says he looks like? (Hint:actor!)

If you guys are reading this, I had a blast seeing you all, and Charlie and Mallory did, too. I hope we see you again soon. I will email photos!


Rachel B. said...

Very cool! I was hoping for a shot of you all dolled up missy! : ) Well, I guess you can just show me on Wednesday...

Chatter said...

Mallory looks like she's getting big in the pictures. I love weddings too! They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Did I just write that?

cathy said...

High heels. Hmmmmmm... It rings a bell but I can't quite place it. Something from my pre-children days? I guess.

I am SO glad you got out and had fun.

stephanie said...

I so lucked out with marrying into a fab family too. You and Adam look so sweet together and, for the love of god, how is Mallory that big already?!!!!!!!

I would like you to open a studio in north metro atl, please. I need a family portrait done before Moe grows out of the one and only outfit we bought in ET.


Moxie said...

It is a bummer to see we missed all the family fun. Hope to see you soon,

Diane said...

You all look so great and so happy. And the Biltmore is pretty fabulous. Nice place for a wedding. Looking forward to meeting Mallory. Hopefully, soon.