Monday, September 22, 2008

How not to feel smart...

Thanks to my buddies over at the adoption forum, I am HOOKED on this site. The Africa quiz is my first goal. I have gotten my score up to 50% (pitiful, I know), but I am not stopping until I have it perfected.

After that, I'm taking on Europe.

Here's to getting smarter and ignoring the laundry!


Kerry and Tom said...

your so funny. I have to get back into that. The boys are just keeping me running 24/7
give the kids hugs from me

take care

Andrea said...

ok, nope, not feeling so smart. ;o)

Kerry and Tom said...

umm 43% way behind you. Now I know what i will be doing during nap time .

Laura said...

Hey Heather,

Nice to "see" you on my blog! Add ours to your link if you like, no problem. I sincerely apologize because you are on my blog list link and I didn't ask. Is that OK with you to leave you there? I bet CF and Zoe would be great friends! :)