Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I miss my bloooog!

Things are going well here at the Beachum home...I am really getting into a routine with the kids and I am learing to handle Adam's redonkulous work schedule. It really is busy, even without one of those pesky 'job' things. Getting the kids out the door for preschool, naps, lunches, snacks, groceries, lost toys, owies... and ohhhh the bodily fluids that come from these two. I have made some new friends, too, a couple of preschool moms, and we have breakfast at a diner on Wednesday morning. I've been helping out at Adam's grandmother's restaurant on Saturday nights. I joined the gym and had my first Pilates class tonight. I am helping Jess with her awesome Halloween Bash plans, my mom with the Vow Renewal plans, and planning a travel group reunion for December in Wisconsin. I watch Runway on Wednesday nights with Rachel, and drink wine. Our Sk80's roller skating party is Sunday. We go out on dates (sometimes). I am trying to keep the house and laundry caught up. And for the most part, I do. I'm about to start doing some work to help with this.
Oh, and I am up to 80% on the Africa quiz.
I feel so lucky to have this life. We may not have the most or the best of everything, but we have a great life here. Adam, thank you for everything you do to make it possible. You and I are a great team, even though sometimes we act otherwise. I was afraid I would feel...unfulfilled. But I don't, at least today I don't. Fall is here, time for fairs and picnics and my favorite holiday. We have so much to look forward too!
Wow, I really feel like someone has sprinkled me with pixie dust tonight. I may be singing a different tune tomorrow, when we are late to school, I have spitup on my jeans, I forgot Charlie's favorite toy, the phone is ringing, and I almost run over the dog. Sigh.
The one thing I need to make more time for is this. I gotta get back on the blogwagon. It's this damn fall tv season. Anyone watching Fringe?? Holy crap, it's good.


rebekah said...

Hi- I miss my blog too these days- and have all the same stuff to do too. And, I know I wasn't in your travel group, but would love to meet you anyhow when you're up here!

April & Doug said...

:( I wanted to watch Fringe - - it's all I can do to gt The Biggest Loser in.. and Survivor starts tomorrow and the Amazing Race on Sunday and how in the world I am going to fit those in.. bleh!Two years ago when Grant was born I could just sit around and watch.. everything! Those days are looooong gone!

J-Mac said...

HA! The bodily fluid thing. Yea, I still get dressed last for this very reason. And stopped buying Dry Clean Only clothes, I would love to tell you that it gets less crazy but that'd be a big honkin lie. Looks like you're lovin and livin la vida loca. My mantra for the past few years has been.
One day my kids will be grown
My bills will all be paid
My house will be clean
And I will be bored.
Lots of loves!!!

gr8dc2b said...

And I thought that I was busy. There has to be a word that means more than busy and that is definitely what you are. Miss you Heather. Hopefully soon you can come out here for your Disneyland vacation.....oh, but that would be one more thing to make you busier, hehe. At least join my vampire clan on myspace....wait a minute, I am not helping your busy issue here. But, you know I do love Fringe!!!

Wendy said...

I soooo hear you. When I blog, it helps me to sit down and realize how good I have it (or, I guess somedays it helps me to vent!).

stephanie said...

Sounds like you've got it going on.

Wisconsin in December?!!! I'll be there during that month as well. Remember, dress warm. It's cold in them there parts.


Diane said...

First of all, you've got me addicted to those purpose games! Damn you! Secondly, your comment on my blog made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that!