Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle...

Well, not exactly.
Last Saturday was gorgeous, and so I got the "it's a gorgeous day out lets dooooo something!" text from Jess. We thought about DragonCon, but decided we didn't want to expose our kids to quite so much geek at one time. (Living with thier dads is enough for now!) My mom suggested a place near Calloway Gardens, where you drive through this wilderness area and feed the animals. Perfect! She even offered to watch baby sis, which I was so grateful for. I don't think she is ready to be drooled upon by roaming bison. (For the record, neither am I).
After a nice drive, we arrived at the Wild Safari. Now, I admit, they had some cool animals, like zebras and giraffes, but the majority was...cows. I mean, not all regular cows, but you know...some types of cow. (I am no farmer.) Have you ever seen a cow tongue?? Ewwwww.
The food smelled bad, too.

Oh dear God, what have we gotten into?

Jess got brave, and got slimed.

Chase is getting too big! He looks so grown here.

Okay, for some reason, toward the end of the ride, Charlie decided he was, ahem, udderly terrified of cows. It was hard not to laugh as he scrambled around in the floor and the cow refused to give up on his treat.
Notice the hand sanitizer being served up.

Finally I had to roll up the window. Sorry, cow! CF was really freaking.

I mean, that's just nasty!

This guy really did not want to move.


Charlie trying to be a mean bear!

Charlie picked his "Inda Jones" hat as his prize for the day. (He wants to be him for Halloween.)

Okay, since I am behind on blogging my photos, I am cramming this entry full. Here's Charlie the next day, getting ready to go eat Ethiopian food to celebrate our one year Homeaversary! (one week early.)

He wasn't too much into the photos, can you tell?

And finally, this evening, our two kids hanging out together. Which consists of Charlie loving all over Mal, and she in turn giving him her best WTF face.

High waisted denim is so in right now.
(Happy one month, MJ!)

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!


Jess Addison said...

I love these pictures! Well...except the ones where Chase looks like he's 20. What is up with that? Sigh... He's handsome as ever though!!

Such a fun trip! We should have brought the video camera to capture our squeals!!


April & Doug said...

Hmm I thought about doing this.. but your experience was enough for me - I am not into ANYTHING drooling all over me... Bleh! I think I'll stick with Noah's Ark - - where the larger animals are kept far away from me.. and the pictures are hilarious...

rachel000us said...

Those pictures were toooooo funny!!!

Rachel B.

Mrs. Baker said...

I love the one where Charlie looks like he is scared out of his mind!!!!!

So cute!!!

Wendy said...

Wow! Forget the animals - your princess has grown!!! And, Charlie, he reminds me sooooo much of the Woodman. Looks like y'all had a great time.

Christina said...

Great pics! And even though I eat veggie, those cows were disgusting!

gr8dc2b said...

Seb is so jealous. You know how it is all about the animals right now....especially cows. Looked like a lot of fun.


Deirdre said...

So sweet! But, umm, since when do slimy cows feature so prominently at a wild animal adventure park? I can only imagine how freaked Sidamo would be based on our horse experiences. Love the C&M pics; Nora's been known to rock the armpit-high pants too.