Saturday, December 27, 2008


I really do want to upload my Christmas pics and blog about the great time had by all, but...hmmm, how do I put this. I don't feel like it!
As a reward for de-Christmasing the whole house by himself today, I encouraged Adam to go out dancing with the gang. I'm home with the kids, glued to the couch watching chick flicks and eating the summer sausage and cheddar cheese gift set.
Ahh, the life!


Rachel said...

Sounds fun! Have some cheddar for me!

Diane said...

Happy HOlidays. Love the picture/card. Looks like you guys were very busy over the holidays. Happy New Year and hopefully we'll see in '09.

Catherine said...

I can't believe you aren't blogging! Your friends can check out my blog for some great New Year's pics! I LOVE the one of me and you I posted! We are some hot mommas! haha :) No, seriously we are.

AuroraBorealis said...

Hey I finally have a blog now and
I really don't know how to add people! :)

Also...I am lazy about uploading pics too. I'm lazy about everything actually. Maybe I should do something about that!

Marlena said...

If you don't hurry up and write something new...I will stop visiting your blog altogether!

P.S. This is an empty threat. Had this been an actual threat, Marlena would have called you in tears because Heather's blog was no longer entertaining her.

Now back to your regularly scheduled sulking...