Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peas in a Pod

Look at these two...

Seriously cuteness from the Chuckster lately. Here are some nuggets:

"Mom, I don't need presents, I just need my family!"
(Ha. I can see me reminding him he said that on Christmas morning!)

"It was a accident!"
(Since he learned that word, everything is an accident.)

"We can't leave our baby here! We neeeeeed our baby!"
(I was dropping Mal off at Nana's so C and I could go shopping together. I thought he would appreciate it, but nope.)

"Mama, you calling Santa?"
(Nervous, because he had just gotten in a bit of trouble)

"You're my best gull (girl) I have!"
(To me, of course.)

"We goin on a airpwane to Minalapalous?"
(Yes, we ARE! In ONE WEEK! Anyone wanna hit the Mall? I can't wait!)


Julie said...

So cute! You are the best gull!

cathy said...

I know I'm biased, but kids that have been exposed to more than one language at such early ages say cutest, funniest things!!!! I wish Prince C could come play at our house this afternoon. I'd love it.

T, S and N said...

OOOoooo you're coming to Minnesota?! Email me!


Theresa said...

Too cute - your two kids are absolutely adorable. Not sure you remember me but my husband and I met you in Ethiopia. We were in the August 24 group. I really enjoy reading your blog. You do an excellent job!


Theresa said...

Minnesota in December? You are brave! I actually met a few of your travel group last summer at the picnic. I also know Kerry and Tom from a training in MPLS. That is so neat you are getting together with them. I am hoping our travel group has a reunion sometime soon. We are thinking Chicago. Have a wonderful time!

Bergmama said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! This post cracked me up!!! Especially "You're the best gull I have!" I love it! I also love that he's asking if you're calling Santa....I've just started using that one myself.