Monday, December 1, 2008

Musical Monday!

Laura, I so hope you don't mind me stealing your blogness. No other day of the week sounded good! I love your picks, by the way.

For this week, I proudly introduce (most of you) to your new favorite band. (Ahem).
Another of Adam's gifts to me when we started dating, this band is just incredible.
I give to you...
Jump, Little Children.

Their biggest (and one of the most beautiful) songs, Cathedrals.
This is a fan video, so we definitely thank you, Jojo, for sharing your trip to NYC. Great pics! (It was the only thing on Youtube that was the right version of the song.)

Another beautiful, romantic ballad. Ah, love...
Apparently, Youtube really hates me. The only decent version I can get is a possibly drunk but not bad videographer's clip, live from Eddie's Attic. I am posting it anyway, because the song is just that good, and I can prove to you how amazing these guys are live. None of that fancy record producing magic. Look up the real version to get a better experience!
Two of our friends danced to this at their wedding. It was just lovely.
By the Way They Dance...

These guys are limitless. Between the band, they play the guitar, harmonica, mandolin, accordian, cello, bass, not to mention Jay's flawless and haunting voice...the live result is beautiful.
Not to mention, the guys themselves are, as well....

The guys in action, again: Dancing Virginia

One more, one more...if anyone is still here.
Mexico: (GREAT breakup song).

I know that's a lot of vids and you people have lives to live and all, but I hope you enjoyed these! They have a lot of music to listen to. I don't think I will ever understand why they never blew up. JLC has a huge fan base here in the south. They are currently "on break", doing solo stuff and having babies and such. Fingers crossed for a reunion!


Christina said...

Well, crap. An honest moment here: I've never really bothered to watch/listen to your other music posts, b/c generally I check the blog while in class :). But I really really loved these songs...which means I now have to go back and listen to your other music posts. :)

nosmallfeat said...

I don't mind -- I actually enjoy yours b/c you have such interesting pics.

Soon to be Kelly Wall said...

I have loved "By the Way They Danced" since my sister and CB danced to it on their wedding day. If they were just random people I would steal it. Ha! Great song selections.