Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Need Africa More than Africa Needs Me

Especially if you've been know it's the truth.

I have started a club on My chosen cause is the education of Africa's children. There are many important causes to choose from. I am inspired by the many amazing, beautiful teachers in my life to choose this one. I have seen firsthand what education and good teachers can mean in a child's life. I thank them for leading me to this cause.

Can you imagine the change that will come from these children as they grow into adults? The future that we can help create? It's 7 bucks a month.

What is that?

2 mochas.
2 beers. (Thats like 500 calories!)
2 video rentals. (That will most likely suck)
1 appetizer. (Just your salad will do)
1 large combo meal. (Do the dollar menu)
1 movie ticket. (Make him pay)
1 lipstick. (Natural is in)
1 crap CD on Itunes. (You can borrow mine)


1 person can eat for a month.
2 children can go to school for a term.
1 person can survive malaria.
1 person can have clean water for a year.

How many people can we get?
If I link our club here, and you link it there, and your cousin links it and then he joins and links it, and then his girlfriend shows her friends and they link it...The possiblities for these children are endless.

If you had been thinking about doing something, if you have been inspired and just didn't know what to do, then maybe this is your sign. If you have been reading this blog forever, or if you just came across it today, it doesn't matter.

This is our club, Bloggacchino, HERE.
Link it far and wide, people....FAR AND WIDE.
Leave comments and let me know you've joined and linked, or started your own club!
Use your blog, your Facebook, your Myspace, your mouth, and your phone. We have such an opportunity here. As a blogger, it is yours to take now.
Whaddya say, blogbuds??? Unite for Africa!


The Krumwiede Six said...

as soon as I figure out how to do this I am going to!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll add it to my blog!


Julie said...

I mentioned it on Friday, and just linked in my sidebar. Go Heather!