Friday, August 10, 2007

Everybody's workin' ON the weekend...

Oh, that's not how the song goes...but it is for me! Wedding season is slowing down now, but seniors are in full swing. I have SEVEN appointments in the studio tomorrow from 10 until 4. It's GREAT, but very hectic. Here are my favorite shots from my wedding on Saturday. They are a really sweet couple, and the wedding was very pretty...just HOT.

I can't stand this weather we are having. The heat is really driving me insane. 105?? Really? That is just not normal.

Today I heard some awesome news!! My friend Kari got moved to our travel group! I really think it is fate! We have been through the whole wait together. Their dossier was in the day before ours, so we always hoped to travel together. And now, after we both stressed out all spring and summer ("are we going to make it???") we get this great surprise. I really like all the people in our group. We are going to have a lot of fun.

The closer we get to travel, the less scared and more excited I am getting. Yeah, we are gonna be on a plane for 30+ hours to get there....Yeah I will be nervous...things will go wrong (minor i hope)...but Adam and I will be I know we can handle it all. Then when we get to meet Fekadu...I can only imagine what that moment will feel like.
Sunday we get to have some non-planning, non-moving free time and go to Six Flags with our best friends Jess and Wes. Yaaaay for roller coasters and $10 hamburgers!
Have a great weekend everyone.


stephanie said...

Oooh, you're a very talented photographer! Can't wait to see your photos of Ethiopia.

That's fantastic that you get to travel with your friend. It's kizmet.

Diane said...

Yes, the pictures are beautiful. I will expect big things from your pictures from Ethi!

Renee said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Do you have a website? Good luck over the next few weeks- you must be so excited!

cathy said...

gosh those pictures are amazing! way to go. i wish you lived closer to me and you could take pix of my kids!!! it's only 91 here in colo.

Kari said...

Heather the pics are gorgeous. Great shots! I can't wait to take pics with you in Ethiopia. I will be with a professional and can get some tips! Can't wait to go! See you soon.

Renee said...

Thanks for sending your website over- your pictures are beautiful! And yes, we will be booking you! :) We would love to get together with you guys when you're back home and settled in with Charlie. You just let us know when you're ready!
We are so happy for you guys and can't wait to meet Charlie!

Laura said...

I have been taking pics of Max for well over a year and to this day my mom's fave pic of him is one you took of us. You have a great eye and capture not only the moment but the emotion behind it. I would love to hire you to do our family portraits and seriously cannot wait to see your pics from Ethiopia.

Isabeau said...

Beautiful pictures!!!
I love the one with "love-hand"