Thursday, August 2, 2007

Passing the Time...

I KNOW if I just went to bed, I would wake up and have our answer...Did we get through court? Are we officially parents? But of course, sleep is not in the cards for me for a couple more hours, so I am going to do this survey that I found on Diane's blog. Mine won't be as clever, but here goes!
5 Things I was doing 10 years ago

1. About to start my senior year of high school! Wow, that's crazy.
2. Working at a movie theater with all of my best friends.
3. I was totally in love with my best guy friend, Jeff. We are still good friends!
4. Hating my hair.
5. Being over dramatic.

Favorite Snack Foods

1. ANY kind of dip or spread with bread. Crab dip, Onion dip, whatever. I am a dip fool!
2. Kettle Corn
3. Guacamole
4. Hummus and Cholula hot sauce with pita
5. Dill Pickles

5 Songs I know all the Lyrics to

1. Me and Bobby Mcghee- Jess and I sing this every chance we get, and never need the screen at karaoke.
2. Vienna, Billy Joel- My favorite song to sing!
3. American Pie- I worked in a bar where a singer played it all the time, and I love it.
4. Shoop- Little known fact about me. I used to REALLY love Salt -n- Pepa. If you ever hear me singing this, cut me off.
5. Maggie May- another Heather and Jess classic!

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire

1. Get all my friends and family out of debt
2. Build my dream house.
3. Donate money to charity...yes, I really would!
4. Travel a LOT.
5. Buy the most amazing camera ever.

5 Bad Habits

1. Okay....I almost skipped this one. I hate to confess this to all of you who don't know me well. I still have not quit smoking. I KNOW it's awful, and I AM quitting very soon. It's hard when everything is so stressful! So yeah, no lectures. I know.
2. I leave empty shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower until they are practically falling on me. I clean my bathroom, but I forget to get those sometimes.
3. I give way too much information to people. Adam has to prep me when we go somewhere with people. A simple question could have you there, several minutes later, nodding and tuning me out. Kinda like right now.
4. I twirl my hair constantly. I do not smack gum at the same time...I think it's more subtle than that.
5. I eat too late at night.

5 Things I like to Do

1. Hang out at the pool with my family and friends.
2. Go out to dinner.
3. Watch TV shows with Adam.
4. Shop online for baby stuff.
5. Travel.

5 Things I shall Never Wear Again

1. SIGH. A babydoll dress....with or without Doc Martens. My friend Catherine and I had a plan to bring this back, because I really miss them. Anyone else in??
2. Heels to a wedding (as the photographer...there is no pain like it).
3. Overall shorts.
4. My Flashdance Halloween costume. I would wear it every year if I could! I love legwarmers.
5. My favorite Bob Dylan shirt, unless I lose about 80 pounds. I shrank it in the laundry. :(

So there it is. Hopefully I won't be cast out of society.
Well, that took care of about half an hour. I wish I could just SLEEEEEEEEP!!!
I'm way, way too excited!!
Tune in tomorrow for pictures of our I being to optimistic???


Katie & Ryan said...

I am all for the baby doll dresses & combat boot comeback-that was totally my look in high school...gosh, those were the days

yenna42 said...

I too was the baby doll dress girl, although I believe mine were paired with birks. The truth comes out why we're all friends. What time is court?


Diane said...

I always liked the baby doll & Doc Marten look, too. Alas, I'm too old to wear anything that uses the words "baby doll" in the title. I think somewhere that's fashion rule.

Thanks for you nice comments on my blog! Yours is fun, too. Where in ATL do you live? We will have to meet up at some point.

Diane said...

Re: the dancers: if you really want to go, your more than welcome to sit with us. And I think a some of the people from the EthiopiaAdopt group are going (I haven't met any of them yet). You can email me directly at

stephanie said...

I'm a hair twirler too.

Ooh, the smoking. I smoked for 20.5 years and know very well just how hard it is to quit. Everybody is different but the gum is what finally worked for me. It's now been almost 2 years since I quit. You can do it!