Monday, August 13, 2007

WHAT is my problem???

I was so happy this afternoon after getting home from the Delta office where I finally fixed our tickets for the trip. OF COURSE I come home and by some miracle, someone on the forum asked a question about what the baby's ticket should say. Instantly I knew I did it wrong. SO here I am on hold with Delta AGAIN sorting out another doozy caused by me. I am seriously wondering how I can function like this. Am I totally scatterbrained, or just unlucky? I used to think my flightiness was a cute quirk. Now it is upsetting that I just cannot seem to be one of those people who can just get things right. I hope this isn't a reflection of how I will be as a mother. :(
I was told just now that they updated his ticket in the system and will issue a new ticket in Rome. We shall see. They cannot mail me a new one because we have a paper ticket.
My poor mother. I keep telling her not to worry, but I can see why she does, with me in charge!!
Sorry for the pity party. I will cheer up yet again, I'm sure.


Katie & Ryan said...

Don't worry, everything will work out it the end. I've had a case of "mommy brain" for a few weeks now-I forget everything, I'm so flakey! Everyone tells me that people get "mommy brain" during pregnancy and I guess we are going through the same emotions, etc...

stephanie said...

Rest assured, everything will work out fine. This is no indication of bad mothering, silly. I hope you didn't have to hold for very long with Delta. I think I've spent days on hold with them in the past :).

Michael said...

You are doing just fine. Only if you had more time to spend with your guru would you not be making these silly little mistakes. But dude, what is this whole process, travel included, without some crazy worry about tickets or passports or....whether there will be time to find Chinese in Et.

Laura said...

Heather, When Max came home I loaded him in the car seat and we drove off with a caravan of cars en route to Amicalola Falls. On GA400 the cell phone rings. It is Brian's dad in the car behind us. He says "I just saw a cell phone fly off the roof of your car." Yeah, my cell phone WITH the SIM card. Okay, so we go to the mountains and drive back home. I get out of the car and look at the rack on top of the car and wedged there are my house keys which somehow managed to hold on for dear life to and from the mountains. The moral of the story -- par for the course. At least I didn't leave Max on top of the car.

Don't beat yourself up. I'm a paralegal. Organization is my job, yet the day before I sent the dossier in I noticed for the FIRST TIME that the doctor filled out the form wrong. Yet I had examined this form 50,000 times. There are SO many details it is not hard to miss a few.

You're doing great and the only indication of your motherhood thus far is how devoted you are to him.

Gypsy said...

Totally not flighty babe, you have a case of Momma brain. In a few months you will be doing the morning mental check that you are A) Wearing all of your clothing
B) You indeed have keys to the car you are intending to drive
C) You remember why exactly you are going somewhere in the first place. You are going to be an awesome Mom! I'm just glad that we'll have a new member to the club. Now if only I could remember where we meet. HA! J-MAC

Diane said...

So wait, you changed the flight? Are you now flying Delta to Rome and then to Ethiopia on Ethiopian Air? I'm planning on flying ATL to DC, and then pick up Ethiopia Air in DC. It's direct to Addis, but refuels in Rome.

By the way, you're an artist. You're suppored to be flakey and quirky!

Mama Papaya said...

Okay and I say this with love. No more travel arrangements for you! So sorry you have had such a time with this. Happy travels!