Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane? PLEASE?

I spent all afternoon on the phone trying to redo the Amsterdam flight. After several hours of figuring out options, we have a flight on hold from Rome to Atlanta. This is what we will book if we don't end up using the Ethiopian Airlines flight that Susan Parr is looking into. Since the Amsterdam tickets were mailed out today, we have to take them to the Delta office in Atlanta to get those miles back...It has been crazy, but we will get home one way or another.

Last night Adam and I went to Target and bought...basically one of everything. We came armed with a great packing list from the CHS forum, with a few things added or subtracted. It was a lot of fun! Now that we have had two baby showers and this shopping trip, we literally cannot walk through our bedroom. Adam has to climb across the bed to get to his side. It is a mess, but I am starting to go through Charlie's stuff and decide what to bring, what to keep here, ect...We really have no storage right now, and since we are moving into the new house in about 2 weeks, we are just going to have to stack it up until time to move it! Phew!

The BEST thing about today was we FINALLY received an update on Fekadu's measurements. No picture, but it's okay. He has grown! Since the referral, he has grown 1 inch ( now up to 32 inches) and gained 1.5 pounds ( now 21.5 pounds.)!! I can't believe he is real and he is ours, and we are leaving in TWENTY ONE DAYS. I want to be on that plane (ANY plane, haha) now.

As excited as I am to go, I think about Fekadu's birth mother a lot more often as we get closer. I try to figure out how many days it has been since she has seen him. I wonder if she counts those days as well. I say her name out loud, to hear what it sounds like. I imagine him as a tiny baby, and I wonder what it must have been like for her, how long she must have struggled with this decision. I hope we get a chance to meet her, and his father, and I hope she trusts us to love him and take care of him like I know she wanted to. It's a struggle to me that this woman's pain is becoming my greatest happiness. How do I say thank you for that? I hope I do not crumble when/if we meet this brave woman.

Okay, now that I am totally emotional, I am going to post something comical to lighten the mood. A picture of our redonkulously packed out bedroom. YES I know the bed is unmade. I usually make it every morning. (ahem).


stephanie said...

Moving to a new house and traveling to pick up your son? WOW.

Heh, my bedroom looks like that often. I have no excuse.

cathy said...

You are FREAKS for moving and adopting all at once. Seriously. And I can say that because we did it with our second child. If you can survive this, you can survive anything. I'll be praying. Also, Charlie sounds tall! I can't wait to see more pictures of him. Take lots of deep breaths. Don't worry about messes. Hang in there.

Chandra said...

Good luck with all the craziness going on! I can relate to that and I promise it will ALL work out :)
Not too much longer to travel. Woohoo!

Laura said...

Make the bed? What's the point? You're just going to get back into it. LOL

BTW - the picture did not clear the tears from these eyes. Charlie is blessed to have a mother and father who value the lives and appreciate the sacrifices of his birth family. You are forever joined to them and they to you.

See you later...

Renee said...

21 days! That's so exciting! Just curious- how many frequent flyer miles did you need on Delta for 2 tickets. I've been saving up but I imagine it's alot! We are so excited to meet Charlie!


Jen and Dan said...

I am just sooooo excited for you guys! So excited. I can't wait to read all about your journey ad of course see more pic's of Charlie!!!

Diane said...

You sure have alot going on. Take a deep breath!!

Your comments on the birth mother were touching. I wonder if I will have the opportunity to meet my child's birth mother and I really hope I do, so I can thank her and promise her I will love her son and raise him as best I can. Tall order, but we are all indebted to our children's bio families.

The Montagues said...

Charlie looks adorable!
Take a pen and paper with you to the birth parent meeting--if one or both is able to, ask them to write a note to Charlie (I have six pages from Natan's mom that I treasure!).
Have a GREAT trip and enjoy yourself!
~Araminta M.