Saturday, August 4, 2007

We are booked!

Thanks for all the sweet comments about our little cute one. I can't believe we will be holding him in 4 short weeks. For the first time in this journey, I feel like the time might go by quickly, because we have SO much to do. I am glad though, I want to be so busy I can't worry.
This afternoon, we got the final word on our travel date...We are going to be in the August 31st group. This whole time, we have been planning on using the skymiles that Adam and his dad have accumulated with their jobs. (We ended up using ALL of my FIL's miles, but he seemed to be glad to donate them!) It is an amazing gift, seeing as we booked the entire trip and only had to pay taxes and fees! Unreal. The crazy part is the adventure route we are taking. Because of the millennium celebration, flights are harder to find right now, and I guess they only let you use skymiles on certain flights? We were able to be really flexible. All I care about it that we get there! So here is our itinerary:
Wednesday, August 29th-10:20 am. Leave Atlanta - Delta
Layover in DC
Arrive JFK in NYC - 2:42pm.
5:00 pm. NYC to Paris - Air France
Arrive in Paris - 6:00 am
7:20 am - Air France to Amsterdam
8:40 am. Arrive in Amsterdam
10:50 am. Amsterdam to Addis Ababa - KLM
9:10 pm. Arrive in Addis. I have never seen a more insane flight plan, but hey...I am so game! I can't wait. Adam said "bring a book"...Ha. Bring ALL the books! I think we estimated 28 hours total flying time and like, 35 total travel time. But we saved like, thousands of dollars! And it's great because the return flight is much easier. Addis to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Atlanta! Home sweet home. We should arrive here Sunday, September 9th at around 2pm. And yes, we are doing the airport welcome home thing, but we aren't going to pass Charlie around just yet. He will be really- well, I don't know how he will be, but it's mostly going to be a wave, some hugs, I'm sure you'll get to see me cry a lot. :)
I had some big time highs and lows today...the highs are obvious! The low....was awful. As Bob, my FIL, was booking our flights, he had to read our names from our passports. Now, I had checked our passports months ago to make sure we were good on the expiration, and we were. So WHY did I not think to check my freaking NAME??? Sure enough, I never changed it to my married name. I got the passport before the wedding so we could go to Paris. And that was that. So as he is reading my maiden name, I break into a cold sweat and feel my hear sinking into my toes. I felt like the worst person ever. Anyway, I rushed home and posted the situation on the wonderful CHS forum, and a lot of the people helped assure me that it would be fine, since my passport does indeed match my ticket. They should just use my passport...The trouble we may run into is at the Embassy appointment. I am going to call our agency rep first thing Monday and see what we need to do. I can't get my passport changed that quickly, and I don't have a DL with my maiden name on it. So, it has to be okay. It really just has to....I was so upset. I feel much better now.
I guess I need to get back to normal sleeping hours! I stay up way too late. That will end soon enough, when the little one starts giving us a wake up call! I can't wait. Oh, how many times have I said that? "I can't wait". Must be the number one overused statement ever....especially in the adoption process! I mean, you have to wait, but you just can't. But you do. The waiting is almost over, finally. Let the fun begin!!
I really hope to talk to the people in our travel group. If you are going the same time, let us know! We are excited to meet all of you.
Sunday I have another baby shower! How fun...and then the John Mayer concert! I am such a lucky gal.


Lisa said...

Congrats Heather & Adam!!

Your little guy is just adorable.
We will be in Addis Aug 15-24 so we will just miss you.

Happy Travels!
Oklahoma City

Wendy said...

He is beautiful!!!!!!

I am so happy for you!!!

stephanie said...

Holy flight plan! How wonderfully generous of your fil to donate his miles.

I hope the next few weeks fly by for you.

Diane said...

I think you'll be ok if you bring a copy of your marriage certificate. That should have your maiden name and your husband's last name. I'm actually surprised no one caught that when you were compiling your dossier. I had to get a new passport for this reason when I was doing my China dossier.

Anway, it will work out. I think it's very exciting that you are going to be there right around the millenium. It should be quite a party.

I'm terrified of the flight so I will be waiting to hear how you handle all that time traveling.

Laura said...

Since you are doing the wave and smile welcome at the airport we are coming. I am so glad that you are doing the look but don't touch rule at first. It seems excessive to some but it is SO important as adoptive parents to make sure that Charlie knows who he goes to for comfort, care, love and protection. What a good mom you are for getting that.

BUT his best friend will be there with a huge smile and wave. :)


PS: Your flight plan made me sweat but then again I had a panic attack during take off going to NY b/c Brian said "Oh my gosh" b/c he saw our car from the air (yeah, I don't believe him either) and I naturally assumed he saw a part of the wing come off....

Chandra said...

I love your blog!! Sorry I haven't stopped by sooner. I only get on the CHS forum randomly but I saw your signature today and caught the blog. Wooohoo! Love it and love the news on Charlie! He is too cute :). Glad the flight is scheduled and the return home is much easier than getting there. And, way to go on saving money. Hope all is well and you are keeping super busy!!
Chandra :)
Good luck on the passport, mine is the same way. Guess I'd better get that changed.