Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So, we are all packed (mostly) and ready to go ( kind of). We still have a few things to do today, which is what I should be getting ready for right now. Adam is snoozing next to me, and I have learned that the longer he sleeps, the better mood he will be in and I do not feel like riding around with cranky-stressed-sleepy Adam (again).
Packing was an adventure. I honestly don't know how some people pack so light for this trip. I don't think we overpacked, but WOW we have a lot of stuff.
I could barely sleep last night, so I kow tonite will be a challange as well. We were up until 2, and STILL I lay awake, thinking about this adventure that we are about to begin. It's almost too much to really imagine.
I am really excited about meeting our new friends as well. You know who you are! I think we are going to have a great group.
Sorry the blog has been kinda lagging lately. I am sure I don't have to explain why!
I will try to update tonite. Maybe even some pictures!


Erin said...

Hi Heather! So very excited for you to go and meet Charlie--I can't believe how much you have going on right now. Blogging is probably the last thing on your mind!

stephanie said...

Godspeed. Really looking forward to follow the journey.

Jen and Dan said...

Oh Heather I can't believe the day has come. I am so happy for you and I can't wait to read all about your journey. Take care, have wonderful time and give Charlie a big squeeze from us.

Can't wait to read all about your journey!!!

Jess Addison said...

I've never been so excited to say bye to you!! See you bright and early tomorrow morning!! Love You guys!

Laura said...

I have GOOSEBUMPS! The wait is over (almost)! You are there (almost)! Just a little bit longer.... May you feel God's presence with you as you hold your son for the first time as it was in His plan from the start.

Laura :)